Watches are linked to indelible memories in the minds of each of us.
For some it was a first communion gift, for others an eighteenth birthday gift, for others it was a graduation or wedding gift, or the watch purchased with the first earnings.
These watches have given everyone strong emotions and even today, after so many years, looking at them it is possible to relive them.

Many people for this strong emotional bond entrust their watches to our laboratory for maintenance or restoration.
Often it is the children or grandchildren who bring the watches that belonged to their parents and grandparents to our laboratory.

With our work of art, we bring the watches back to their former glory, with the same passion and the same commitment for everyone, respecting the emotion they represent for their owners.
We are certain that, with periodic and correct maintenance, even future generations will be able to experience the same emotions.

The CRONOMANIA® shop has a well-equipped in-house watchmaking workshop, where we carry out state-of-the-art and two-year guaranteed repairs of wristwatches, such as Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Jaeger LeCoultre, Longines, Heuer, Zenith and pocket and table watches and clocks. 

We invite you to visit our shop for an accurate, written and free quotation.


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